Acquiring services

Payment gateway

Our innovative payment gateway solution enables merchants to accept wide range of payments online. The role of APS as a gateway is to transfer payments between cardholders and merchants and ensure that the merchant receives the correct payment at the right time and makes sure that the correct amount is debited from the cardholder’s account.

It is our aim at APS gateway service to enhance our services on the International level and cooperate closely with our customers to meet the challenges ahead.

We enable merchants to authorize, settle and manage credit, debit cards and electronic check transactions online.

Easy & Secure

Fast processing is the most important when it comes to acquiring service. Our characteristically rapid services are achieved through effective organisation and flexibility. Our mission is to handle clients’ transactions and authorisations promptly and securely, whilst always attending to their operational needs.

Many organisations are faced with an overload of clients in certain aspects of their operations. We simplify your processes and reduce waiting time.

Issuing Service